Oran Park Smart Work Hub

Oran Park is one of the latest town projects in the south-west of Sydney, where Greenfields Development are building an entire suburb to house 25,000 residents. Funded both by the development company and by state government (contributing $370,000), Oran Park is the new ‘place to be’. Lifestyle and comfort are the focus of the project, with a mall, main street shopping, civic facilities and a town square.

Within the Oran Park developments, a ‘Smart Work Hub’ was also planned, and along with CoActiv8 (their workplace management consultants), Cubikai was requested to deliver a space solution to meet the needs of permanent government tele-workers and independent people who wished to rent the space for work purposes.

The brief involved producing a format that facilitated approximately 100 people working in private offices, open-plan workstation pods, and part-time work spaces. Each had to be clearly defined from each other to promote ease of navigation around the area.

The process begun with CoActiv8 supplying a floor plan of the space, with which we built a number of concepts. A key element considered during the product selection was to provide an inspiring workplace, but with sensible colour choices that reflected the Oran Park brand, and the conservative nature of the office.

Once a concept was agreed upon, products went into production. Once completed, a container holding the order was shipped direct to Sydney ports, whereby our delivery and assembly crew picked up the goods and delivered to site. Requirements for delivery were intricate as construction works were still happening. Our team navigated around the works, and completed assembly of all furniture within the allocated spaces after 3 days.

A University of Technology, Sydney, Institute for Sustainable Futures study found using smart work hubs could cut at least 30 minutes a day from the commute of more than 23,000 workers living near Liverpool. The study also found if just 6 per cent of those workers used a hub, it would save the public about $6.4 million a year.

With the launch of the Smart Work Hub in Oran Park, the plan is to enable workers a far more sustainable way of working, with a reduced commuting time.

Created By: Adrian Lim
Completed On: November 2014
Space: Commercial | Co-working
Client: Oran Park

Photos courtesy of: Oran Park