Who we are

At our core, we’re on a mission to do better. It’s what inspires and drives us, knowing that we can make improvements to ours and the lives of others
It seems there is no shortage of problems in the world, however we believe that every problem also holds the opportunity to identify, create and action positive change.
This is our mantra, and love sharing our passion for positive change in both our work and personal lives.

We make positive furniture

Through over 20 years experience in space-creation, we noticed that furniture typically is trashed every 3-5 years through wear-and-tear, change in trends or space culture.

We’ve injected future-proofing design principles in our products in effort to mitigate this throw-away culture. This has resulted in our products embodying more robust constructions, and modular compatibility to encourage re-purposing between different spaces, and ultimately remain useful for as long as possible.


We love building modular elements into our product. It adds an exciting element of user participation whereby people can discover new ways of utilizing product to suit space and culture changes. It also makes it easy for product to be re-purposed, meaning it has a far greater chance of remaining useful over time, and a part of the family.


Tends to be thrown around as a token word, which people often associate the act of recycling. But the reality is that ‘sustainability’ is a lot more complex. Fundamentally a lot of the environmental challenges we collectively face is due to consumer choices perpetuating the on-going creation of problematic product.

In recognition of this, we develop our product with longevity of use at the forefront of our consideration, along with sustainable material choices. We believe that this combination of values gives us the greatest impact in mitigating waste creation – if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Making quality accessible

We strive to make the quality choice more affordable. Knowing that budgetary constraints often informs the purchasing of inferior product, we aim to price our product within an affordable price range so that more people have the choice to make a positive impact.

Ultimately, we want to give people the option to spend less, and consume less over time.

Adrian Lim

Change maker, lawn bowls lover, art addict and industrial designer. Producing at the crossroads of art and purpose to express ideas through design.

Owen Williams

Minimalist, dreamer, wine enthusiast, vintage furniture lover and space designer. Creating at the intersection of aesthetics and sustainability to create not just a space, but a feeling.

Kellie Griffith

Furniture lover, vibrant, fresh, dog owner, and graphic design wizard. Operating at the junction of simplicity and function to develop visual solutions that inform and persuade