About Us

Who We Are

At our core, we’re on a mission to do better. It’s what inspires and drives us, knowing that we can make improvements to ours and the lives of others.

It seems there is no shortage of problems in the world, however we believe that every problem also holds the opportunity to identify, create and action positive change.

This is our mantra, and love sharing our passion for positive change in both our work and personal lives.

We Make Positive Furniture

Through over 20 years experience in space-creation, we noticed that furniture typically is trashed every 3-5 years through wear-and-tear, change in trends or space culture.

We’ve injected future-proofing design principles in our products in effort to mitigate this throw-away culture. This has resulted in our products embodying more robust constructions, and modular compatibility to encourage re-purposing between different spaces, and ultimately remain useful for as long as possible.