Why Materials Matter

When we think of restoration and breathing life into an old space, we naturally think of paint, finishes, fabrics and textures. With these basics we can transform any space to make it our own. Small, personal touches within a space tell a story and its' those touches that can make a space feel like home. Our homes create a sense of being and comfort that more and more people are now seeking to find in their workspace. We can combine soft, relatable and natural materials to create uplifting spaces where people crave to work.

With positively-designed spaces and the use of the right materials, we are able to create spaces that appeal to larger groups of people in a single space.

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As humans we are naturally drawn to a wide and diverse set of surface materials that reflect the patterns and textures found in nature. Things such as visible wood grains and colour variations that were once considered imperfections are now exactly what we are seeking from our wooden surfaces.

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It’s these hints of biophilia that help support a natural, genuine feeling within a space. Research shows that these connections to living things encourage people to think better and feel happier.

The materials we select can help create a sense of individuality and brand identity. The Journal of Environmental Psychology published research showing that space personalisation contributed to users' positive and emotional wellbeing leading to enhanced thinking.

By creating spaces where we can be themselves, where we feel like our environment is supportive and authentic we can enhance our emotional wellbeing.

Photography: Tom Blachford

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