5 Beautiful + Inspiring Coworking Spaces

The number of coworking spaces in the world has grown significantly in recent years.

In Melbourne alone there is over 150 spaces with more on the way.

With shared working spaces both locally and globally amping up their amenities, I wondered what the most beautiful spots in the world are to cowork.


Co-founders Marlies Bloemendaal and Natascha Chadha, both Dutch nationals, individually found it a challenge to find an inspiring work environment when they moved to India.

The space is a mix of high-quality, cozy living-room like environments combining functional European style with a distinctive local flair.


Alexis Rebiffé and Paul Chevrillon co-founders of Deskoplitan hired British architect Morey Smith to design a space that fuels the spirit of entrepreneurship.

Deskopolitan is a micro-community that provides more than a desk with its barbershop, cafe and end of trip facilities.


The 4th Space for Hub Australia, Hyde Park spans five levels of and combines a rich mix of playful and professional spaces.

Cubikai was a proud partner in this particular project creating both elements for collaboration and solo, focused work.


We couldn't talk about beautiful coworking spaces without mentioning WeWork could I - and by far WeWork Weihai in Shanghai has to be my favourite.

This former London style mansion attracts not just artists, but aspiring entrepreneurs, designers and emerging businesses large and small captivated by the simple style of the space.


Hubba started out as a space where new entrepreneurs could work together to find success and has grown into a complete ecosystem with programs to help entrepreneurs and startups reach their goals.

This space with its mix of raw materials feels both whimsical and professional, balancing bold pops of colour with functional and contemporary furnishings.


Do you have a favourite space? Or are you looking to create and furnish your own? Cubikai can help either way! Let's work together to create something beautiful.

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